How to install the iOS 17 public beta

How to install the iOS 17 public beta

iOS 17 public beta is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for iPhones, and it comes with a lot of new and exciting features. The first public beta of iOS 17 was released on July 13, 2023, and it is available for over 20 different iPhone models. If you are curious about what iOS 17 has to offer, here are some of the highlights of the new features that you can try out in the public beta.

New Features iOS 17 Public Beta:


Messages is one of the most used apps on the iPhone, and iOS 17 makes it even better with several improvements and additions. One of the major changes is the new Check In feature, which lets you share your location, battery level, estimated time of arrival, and other useful information with your contacts in a text message. This can be handy when you are traveling or meeting someone, and you want to keep them updated on your status. You can also choose to share this information automatically if there is a significant delay or you are not responding.

Another new feature in Messages is the ability to create custom stickers using your photos or emojis. You can access this feature by tapping the plus button next to the text field and selecting Stickers. You can then edit your stickers with different shapes, colors, fonts, and effects, and send them to your friends or save them for later use.

Messages also gets a new catch-up arrow that appears in the top-right corner of conversations that have unread messages. You can tap this arrow to jump to the last unread message and catch up with the conversation. Additionally, you can now swipe right on a message to reply to it quickly, instead of tapping and holding it.


FaceTime is another app that gets a lot of enhancements in iOS 17. One of the most notable ones is the ability to send video and audio messages when someone misses a call. You can record a short message and send it to the person who didn’t answer your FaceTime call, and they can view it later or reply with their own message.

FaceTime also introduces reactions, which use the Face ID hardware to add 3D effects to your video calls. You can express yourself with different reactions like a smile, wink, laugh, or surprise, and they will appear on your face as well as on the screen of the person you are talking to.

Another cool feature in FaceTime is the Continuity Camera, which lets you access your FaceTime calls on larger screens like TVs or monitors connected to an Apple TV 4K with tvOS 17. You can use your iPhone as a remote control and switch between different camera angles, zoom in or out, or mute or unmute yourself.


The Phone app also gets some new features in iOS 17, especially for users in India. One of them is bilingual Siri, which can understand and speak in two languages at the same time. You can set up bilingual Siri by going to Settings > Siri & Search > Language and choosing two languages from the list. You can then ask Siri questions or give commands in either language, and Siri will respond accordingly.

Another feature for Indian users is expanded transliteration support, which allows users to type in Hindi using the English keyboard. iOS 17 adds support for more languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. You can enable this feature by going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and selecting one of these languages.

The Phone app also introduces live voicemail, which transcribes your voicemail messages in real time and displays them on your screen as text. You can also listen to them or delete them from the same screen. This feature is available in select markets only.

Another feature that enhances your privacy is the silence of unknown callers, which blocks calls from numbers that are not in your contacts, recent calls, or Siri suggestions. You can turn on this feature by going to Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers.

StandBy mode

StandBy mode is a new feature that takes advantage of the LTPO display technology on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models. It allows you to see important information like time, date, battery level, notifications, and widgets on your lock screen without waking up your phone completely. This way, you can save battery life and avoid distractions.

You can customize StandBy mode by going to Settings > Display & Brightness > StandBy Mode and choosing what information you want to see on your lock screen. You can also choose between different styles like analog clock, digital clock, or minimal clock.

StandBy mode also works with Live Stickers, which are animated stickers that you can create using your photos or emojis and send to your friends in Messages. When you receive a Live Sticker on your lock screen, you can see it animate without unlocking your phone.

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Other features

iOS 17 also brings some other features that are worth mentioning, such as:

  • Full-page screenshots: You can now take screenshots of an entire web page or document by tapping the screenshot preview and selecting Full Page. You can then scroll through the screenshot, crop it, mark it up, or share it.
  • Better dual-SIM support: You can now use both SIM cards for iMessage and FaceTime, and switch between them easily. You can also choose which SIM card to use for each contact or conversation.
  • Expanded call history: You can now see more details about your calls, such as duration, location, and type (cellular or Wi-Fi). You can also filter your call history by missed, incoming, or outgoing calls.
  • Contact Poster: You can now customize your contacts with full-screen wallpapers and fonts. You can also share your Contact Poster with others using NameDrop, a new feature that lets you send your contact information in a QR code.

These are some of the new features that you can try out in the iOS 17 public beta. If you want to install the beta on your iPhone, you need to visit and register with your Apple ID. Then, go to Settings > General > Software Update and download the beta update. Make sure to back up your data before installing the beta, and be aware of the possible bugs and issues that may arise.

iOS 17 is expected to launch officially in September 2023, along with the new iPhone models. Until then, you can enjoy the public beta and explore the new features that could change the way you use your iPhone.

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